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Top Group Travel Types:

Couples who choose a destination wedding think holding their celebration in one place can simplify the big event, but arranging group travel options for family and guests can be a complicated task. Whether heading to a romantic beach, or saying “I do” in your hometown, booking with a group travel service will help get everyone to the locale while finding the amenities the wedding party desires.

Family Reunions
Families may be close emotionally but it can be a geographical and financial challenge to get everyone in a single spot to celebrate being kin. The brave head honcho handling the task of making group travel arrangements for familial revelry can satisfy loved ones by using group travel services. Figure out what works best for your clan – resort? hotel? vacation rental property? – and enjoy the opportunities to choose affordable, family-friendly accommodations.

Group Business Travel
When booking a convention or attending a meeting, the last worry any businessperson needs is booking travel for several or even dozens of staffers. And, more often than not, the busy briefcase-toting exec is working within a specific budget and short time frame. Turn to group booking options and every nine-to-five'er can be assured of scoring accommodations with Internet access, meeting facilities, even recreation. It doesn’t have to be work all the time, does it?
Top Cities for Group Travel:

Las Vegas
Chiming casinos and neon streets are the draw and kitsch of Las Vegas. Travel planning for Sin City will help visitors find the diversions and accommodations that fit their style best. Group travel arrangements can make every person in the party happy with the mischief they choose in "Viva Las Vegas," from group excursions to dinner deals to entertainment extravaganzas.

New York City
From museums to decadent nightlife, eclectic neighborhoods to the hottest new restaurants, New York really is the city that never sleeps! Going on a shopping trip with your sorority sisters? Bachelor party with 20 of your closest friends? Stick with group travel – you'll be able to find an affordable place to stash your bags in the Big Apple while you soak in all there is to offer in one of the world’s largest and most popular cities.

Did someone say theme park?! Walt Disney World and Universal Studios are two draws to sunny Orlando, but beaches galore and cultural attractions give group travelers the opportunity to swim with dolphins, dance with princesses, or hit a few on the green. Orlando is a destination for every taste and budget – packs of people heading to this in-demand city will find the package deals and discounts that suit them best through group travel booking services.
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