Most Haunted Hotels

Most Haunted Hotel

1. The Crescent Hotel

Built in 1886, the Crescent Hotel is widely considered to be one of America’s most haunted hotels. In its early years, the hotel had a difficult time sustaining itself financially and changed roles a number of times, briefly becoming a College, and then Junior College. In 1937 the Hotel was bought by Norman Baker, a self styled “Doctor” (although he had no training), who claimed to have found the cure for cancer. He turned the hotel into a health resort. Needless to say, those who came seeking treatment found no hope in his magic elixirs and quite a few died at the hotel. Since this time, ghosts have been sighted frequently by guests. Below are a few of the most compelling pictures of ghost sightings at the hotel and video from the Sci-Fi channel’s Ghost Hunters which shows a ghost on a thermal video camera. If you are looking to scare yourself, rooms in the lower portion of the hotel where most of the paranormal activity has occurred are available during the month of October. For something a little less spooky, you may want to check out our New York Hotels.

2. Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast

Lizzie Borden took an axe,
And gave her mother forty whacks,
When she saw what she had done,
She gave her father forty-one.

On the morning of August 4, 1892 Lizzie Borden brutally murdered her stepmother and father with an axe. Her mother, Abby Borden, was found between the bed and the bureau in the guest room. Her father, Andrew Borden, was found lying with his head on the arm of a sofa in the downstairs sitting room. Although acquitted because of a lack of evidence, there is little doubt that Lizzie committed the crime. After the trial, Lizzie was Ostracized by the Fall River, MA community where she lived until she died in 1927. The house is now a bed and breakfast, where frequent paranormal activities are reported. If you are brave enough, you can stay in Lizzie’s room, or even the rooms of her murdered parents here.

Video Clip: TV expose regarding the Lizzie Borden murders of Fall River Massachusetts. Features interviews with the proprietors of the current bed and breakfast and a reporter’s attempt at spending the night.

3. The Queen Mary Hotel

This 1,000 ft ship took her maiden voyage on my 27th 1936, and for the next three years hosted the world’s rich and famous on their transatlantic voyages. To get out a bit and see more of the world than their standard¬†London Hotels, many of the upper class sought out these pleasure cruises. Notorious name such as Clark Gable, Mary Pickford, Greta Garbo, and even Winston Churchill took a ride on the beautiful Queen Mary. In 1939 the ship was commandeered for military use as a troop ship and nicknamed “The Grey Ghost.” During the war, on a run across the Atlantic, a tragedy occurred. As the Queen Mary was steaming full speed on its mission, one of its escort ships, a British World War I era light-cruiser named HMS Curacao cut across the bow, was rammed, and cut in two. Around 300 of the Curacao’s crew were killed.

4. The Old Spot Hotel

Built in the 1830’s, The Old Spot Hotel located in the township of Gawler in South Australia was actually the town’s first building. Over the years it has housed many different businesses including a Post Office, A morgue, and today a hotel. According to legends, after renovations done to the building to create the hotel, strange things started to happen. Today, many hotel guests report hearing unexplained noises and seeing apparitions of a little girl. In the mid 1990’s a hotel guest caught a bizarre and terrifying image of 3 ghosts on camera. Looked at by several photo experts, the image has thus far not been debunked as fake. Many witch hunters find their way to the mystery capital of the US midwest, Chicago. And when planning your trip, make sure to check out our rates on Chicago Hotels – spend your money on the tours, not your hotel room.

5. Hotel Del Coronado

A luxury hotel just across the San Diego Bay in California, the Hotel Del Coronado is a beautiful example of Victorian Architecture. Famed for it’s historical architectural lines, the Hotel Del Coronado is easily one of the most beautiful San Diego Hotels. Although frequented by many famous people including Thomas Edison, L. Frank Baum, Charlie Chaplin, Charles Lindbergh, and many US presidents, the hotel is best known for a more obscure guest, Kate Morgan. Kate Morgan checked into room 302 (then 3312, now 3327), to meet with her brother who was a doctor and was going to give her medicine for her stomach cancer, but he never arrived. She was found dead on the steps going to the beach six days later. The case was declared a suicide. She had shot herself. Since this incident, her ghost has been seen many times by hotel guests. Also worthy of mention, the hotel served as the inspiration for the recent movie 1408, after the book by Stephen King.

Video Clip: Interview with a hotel guest describing her strange experiences with the ghost of Kate Morgan.

6. The Stanley Hotel

This 138 room hotel was built in Estes Park Colorado in 1909. The first owner, Freelan O. Stanley and his wife are said to have loved the hotel so much that their ghosts remained after their deaths. The ghost of F.O. Stanley has been seen in the lobby, behind the bar and in the Billiards Room, his favorite spots in the hotel. Flora’s ghost is believed to still play piano in the music room; many guests have heard beautiful music coming from the room that stops as soon as they enter to find no one sitting at the piano. After spending a night at the hotel, famous author Stephen King was inspired to write about the Overlook hotel in his book The Shining. The un-cut R-rated version of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining and the ABC miniseries version play on a continuous loop on channel 60 on all guest room televisions. When coming into town, you may want to stop at hot spot, Denver. With it’s restaurants, nightlife and outdoor activities, a good night or two of sleep in one of our Denver Hotels should help get you ready for your sleepless nights ahead of ghost hunting.

Video Clip: Clip taken from the Ghost Hunters second examination of the haunted hotel on Halloween night.

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